Batteries and accessories for more than 200.000 different devices!

Batteries and accessories for more than 200.000 different devices!
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Terms & conditions

Below are the general terms and conditions of BraunOni B.V. is part of BraunOni B.V. As mentioned at 1.4 BraunOni B.V. reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. All other trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

1. General

1.1 The mentioning of BraunOni in this document refers to the enterprise BraunOni B.V. , registered at the KvK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands by number 08129450.
1.2 These terms and conditions are, with the exclusion of some other conditions, applicable to all legal relationships, where BraunOni acts as supplier of products.
1.3 BraunOni doesn't accept any reservations on orders by the counterpart (from now on referred to as: the consumer).
1.4 BraunOni reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time. The consumer recognizes that BraunOni has the right to modify these general conditions and agrees to abide by this modified version of the terms and conditions. In case of a substantial modification of the general conditions, BraunOni will inform all users of this by email, and the modified general conditions will be sent along.

2. Payment

2.1 Payment takes place by means of payment in advance by bank transfer, Credit Card, iDeal or Paypal.

3. Prices

3.1 All prices are subject to typing errors.
3.2 Products are shipped from different locations. These locations can be within or outside the EU. charges VAT based on the shipping origin and the shipping destination. In case you want to know the shipping conditions of a product, please ask our support desk.
3.2.2 is a Dutch webshop focused on consumers. If you as a foreign, european company provide a valid company name and VAT number, depending on the shipping origin and the shipping destination an intra-community supply can be applicable. In that case 0% VAT will be calculated on the amount paid. For large business customers we have a seperate ordersite with attractive discounts.
3.3 All prices are exclusive of shipping costs, if applicable.
3.4 An offer of BraunOni has to be considered without engagement, unless explicitly corresponded otherwise in writing. Offers occur subject to the availability of the products. BraunOni has the right to annul the agreement.

4. Supply

4.1 BraunOni cannot guarantee the availability of all products. If a product is out of stock, the consumer will be informed and the remitted amount will be paid back.
4.2 Shipment takes place after the invoiced amount has been credited to the BraunOni account. Shipment takes place, if possible, within 5 working days after the amount has been received.
4.3 BraunOni is authorized to send the delivery in parts. The extra costs of the/these shipment(s) will be charged to BraunOni.
4.4 BraunOni will deliver products via regular postal services or courier services, depending on the destination and the place of origin of the goods. BraunOni is authorized to change the shipping method without further notice, if this is in the interest of the customer or BraunOni In case the customer requires information on the exact shipping method, the customer must request this information via the helpdesk before confirming the order.

5. Liability

5.1 BraunOni is not responsible for damage by purchase and/or use of delivered products.
5.2 Periods mentioned at 4.2 are considered as an indication and not as fatal period. BraunOni is never responsible for damage as a result of crossing this delivery period.
5.3 If a product has been delivered imperfectly, or if delivery fails, the consumer has a term of 90 days to inform BraunOni of these imperfections in writing.

6. Exchange

6.1 Exchange is only possible if the delivered product is returned in original state and the delivered product is in possession of BraunOni within 30 days after delivery.
6.2 Costs which result from a desired exchange (for example shipping costs) are borne by the consumer.
6.3 A specification/offer for shipping costs can be acquired from a local postal company. Consumer is responsible for selecting a suitable postal company for shipping the product in accordance with local laws and regulations.

7. Shipping costs

7.1 BraunOni calculates the shipping costs per order. The costs depend on the type of delivery. The costs are visible in the shopping cart.
7.2 BraunOni reserves the right to demand an insured shipment for orders outside the EU. The consumer can refuse this requirement by immediately informing BraunOni in writing, which automatically initiates the annulment according to condition 10.1.
7.3 The consumer is responsible for extra costs resulting from the delivery of goods, like additional postal fees or import duties

8. Warranty

8.1 Immediately after delivery, the consumer is obliged to inspect delivered goods thoroughly for faults. If you detect any faults, immediately inform BraunOni in writing. If the consumer does not inform BraunOni within five days after delivery of faults which could be noticed at thorough research, the consumer is considered to agree with the state in which goods have been delivered, and every right to warranty expires.
8.2 BraunOni exclusively offers supplier warranty. This warranty expires at improper use of the delivered products.
8.3 Failures due to improper use do not fall under the warranty.

9. Damages

9.1 BraunOni can only be held responsible for damage which can be attributed to deliberately bad or rough operating, or caused by circumstances which are the responsibility of BraunOni according to law
9.2 Circumstances which are not, in any case, at risk of BraunOni: strike, worker exclusion, sickness, import, export and/or transit prohibition, transport problems, subcontractors who do not follow their obligations, jamming in production, etcetera.

10. Cancellation of orders

10.1 A consumer has the right to cancel his order within 30 days after receipt of the products. Within this period, the consumer must inform BraunOni of his cancellation. After BraunOni confirms receipt of the cancellation request by means of an RMA number, the customer must return the product within 14 days per the instructions supplied with the RMA number. The purchase amount will be refunded by BraunOni within 14 days of shipping the returned product. This complies with the Dutch Law 'Remote Purchases' as described in: 'Wet Koop op Afstand, Burgerlijk Wetboek art. 7:46'
10.2 If the period mentioned at 4.2 has expired by more than two weeks, the consumer has the possibility of canceling the order free of charge. However, the consumer must always indicate in writing that the order has to be cancelled.
10.3 Model withdrawal form

To BraunOni B.V., Freddy van Riemsdijkweg 6a, 5657 EE Eindhoven, Netherlands:
I/We hereby give notice that I/We withdraw from my/our contract of sale of the following goods.
Ordered on / received on:
Name of consumer(s):
Address of consumer(s):
Signature of consumer(s) (only if this form is notified on paper):

11. Referral discount

11.1 Any policy with regard to discount in exchange for referral orders is subject to change by BraunOni.
11.2 Discount in exchange for referral orders will be granted after the referral is considered to be definite. This is after payment and shipping of the order.
11.3 Granted discount for future orders can be reversed in case of order cancellations and returns.
11.4 BraunOni reserves the right to exclude or limit specific persons or companies from taking part in the discount in exchange for referral orders program.
11.5 A specific case to which both 11.3 and 11.4 can be applied is when a referral number can be considered as (partly) public knowledge or when it is used outside of the context of friends.

12. Data Confidentiality & Security

12.1 Customer data will not be shared with any third parties. An exception to this is data being exchanged with the payment service provider in order to accommodate an online payment.
12.2 Customer data is always submitted over an SSL connection.

13. Privacy Policy

More on the usage of cookies and the privacy policy can be found at our Privacy Policy.


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  • Safe, easy, fast
  • For 18 years, the no. 1 battery and adapter specialist
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