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Who delivers your order is dependent on your country and city of residence. always makes an effort to use the postal services for delivery. In many cases you don't have to be at home to have your order delivered. In some cases a courier is used (such as FedEx).

On average, an order with multiple items will be delivered as one parcel. However, it can happen that is forced to send the items from a different location. In that case, you will receive multiple parcels.

When your order doesn't fit your mailbox, the courier will contact you. Should this fail, you are asked to contact the courier to make a delivery appointment.

Unfortunately, this service can not be supported by us.

When you indicate this during your order process, then this is possible. If the order is already in the shipping process, then it is not possible any more to change the address. If you have ordered using the wrong address, you are required to contact our help desk as soon as possible.

Yes, you can have an order delivered to a PO box address.

After consulting the help desk, you can return the wrong item. Naturally, the return costs will be reimbursed by us completely. Naturally, you will be assisted in getting the right item as soon as possible.

It usually takes a couple of hours before a tracking code is activated. If this hasn't happened, you can contact our help desk.

Parcels are usually provided with a unique, traceable code. When your shipment has a tracking code, it will be added to the order history in your account after having been received by the postal service. You can then track the parcel during the shipment process.

The postal service delivers small items in your mailbox. Usually, you don't have to be home for the delivery.

Larger items cannot be delivered in your mailbox. The postal service will usually ring your doorbell to hand over the parcel.

In some cases, will send the items directly from the supplier. The advantage is that items are newly produced (Factory Fresh).

On average, orders are delivered within a week of placing the order. makes an effort to always ship orders using letter-post. When an order is sent as a parcel, the delivery man will ring the doorbell. When you cannot be reached, you are asked to make a new delivery appointment.

Your order is final when you click on 'order' after choosing the payment details.

Step 1:
Select the item of your choice on the website and click the button 'Order now'.
Step 2:
Continue browsing the other items on the website if you want to order more.
Step 3:
In the menu, hit 'shopping cart' to view the items you have selected.
You can use the button 'continue shopping' to go back to the website and if you need to, add extra items to your shopping cart. You can use the button 'order' to start the ordering process.
Step 4:
Fill out your details when this is your first time ordering from If you already are a customer you can log in with your personal account. After logging in, it is possible to modify and review your invoice data and delivery details.
Step 5:
Check the completed details and choose a payment method.
Step 6:
When everything is filled out and you agree with the general conditions, you can place the order using the button 'order'.
Step 7:
You will now arrive onto the transaction page of the payment system. When the payment is finished you will receive an email confirming your order.

An order that has been placed can only be changed on that same day. When you want to change the order any later, it is possible that the order has already been shipped. In that case you can contact the help desk. They will help you.

If you log in using 'My Account', you can review your entire order history there.

The stock status is indicated for every item. But beware, in stock doesn't necessarily mean that it's in stock at a location near you. It is possible that an order takes a couple of days. For more information you can check the shipping .

On average, orders are delivered within a week of placing the order. In some cases it could take a little longer.

If you have received a tracking code, you can check where your parcel is by yourself. If you did not receive a tracking code, then this may not be available. In that case it is best to contact the help desk. They can provide you with more information.

It may occur that not all items are shipped in one parcel. This depends on the supply per location. The remaining item will arrive within a couple of days. works together with various large payment service providers. These organisations make use maintain of high safety standards in order to process your payment as securely as possible.

At you don't have to pay shipping costs. There is no minimum amount.

If you go to the following page,, you can use the discount code. After that, when you place items in your shopping cart, the discount will automatically be deducted.

If you go to the following page,, you can redeem the discount code on your coupon card. After that, when you place items in your shopping cart, the discount will automatically be deducted.

Yes, you can redeem the coupon card at the web shops of BatteryUpgrade, Dustdeal and LightUpgrade. offers various payment methods. You can see which options are available for you in the checkout process and on the following page:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay by cheque. works together with various large payment service providers. These organisations make use of maintain high safety standards in order to process your payment as securely as possible. never saves sensitive payment details such as credit card numbers or pin codes.

When you own a credit card from Visa, American Express or Mastercard, you can pay your order immediately via Adyen's secure payment environment.

Tip: Banks and credit card providers are very strict and you must use the exact name (including title) on the card, 100% accurately. Please check the expiration date (month and year) and the CVV2 number. Of course, the card number itself is also crucial.

Are you experiencing payment issues, sometimes with unclear or no error messages? Then follow these tips or ask the help desk for help. Sometimes customers experience issues, because their card has not been activated yet, or has been blocked. In those cases, it is useful to contact your bank or credit card provider for help.

PayPal is an online payment method which can be used in almost every country in the world. PayPal has several payment methods that you can link to your PayPal account, such as credit cards or bank accounts.

iDeal is the system a number of cooperating Dutch banks use, which offers you the possibility to make online payments. Do you possess an online bank account with one of the following banks: SNSRegiobank, SNS Bank, ING Bank, ABN AMRO Bank, Rabobank, Triodos Bank, ASN Bank, Van Lanschot Bankiers or Knab? Then you can use your personal data of these banks to pay through their iDeal system. The payment will immediately arrive at

Yes, this is possible, for more information on bank transfers, go to the payment page.

You can find the financial data on the contact page

You can download your invoice after shipment in your customer account.

We will return your money within 14 days upon receiving the returned article. This is conform the web shop laws in Europe.

After cancelling your order, you will receive your money back as soon as possible. After cancelling, it can take a maximum of 14 days.

If you don't pay the order right away, you can be reminded to pay the order a couple of times. If you don't respond, the order will eventually be cancelled (by

When you have money on your balance sheet, this will be used during the payment process of an order. The amount that is on your balance sheet will be deducted from the amount to be paid.

If you go to the following page,, you can redeem the discount code on your coupon card. After that, when you place items in your shopping cart, the discount will automatically be deducted.

In this case, you are probably using a Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode card. These cards require an external page be loaded from Visa or Mastercard. It can happen that this page is blocked by your firewall or pop-up blocker. You can turn this off in your browser. If you have any more questions about this, please contact us.

This is a security code activation from your credit card provider. Depending on your provider, this is called Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode. You can either activate the code, or skip the activation by clicking on 'don't activate'.

When you get an error message during the payment procedure, always check whether you filled out all the details correctly first. If it still doesn't work, then contact our help desk through email. Mention the exact information that prompted the error message. Preferably accompanied by a screen shot. always offers the manufacturer's warranty. The minimum warranty on all items is 12 months. In some cases the warranty is more than 12 months. You can read about this in the item details. Batteries are consumables of which the capacity declines through time. The standard wear does not fall within the warranty.

A warranty plan can be requested through the help desk. It is best to send the help desk an email. You can find the email address under contact page. is responsible for the shipment costs when you make use of the warranty plan.

When you buy an item on internet, you have the right to a trial period. The trial period is an amount of time within you can think and decide on whether the item meets your wishes. If the item does not suffice, you can return it without stating the reasons. This is also known as the right of withdrawal or revocation right. The trial period is 30 days upon receiving the item. The trial period, however, is not a testing period of the item. If you use the item so that it can't be sold again, the trial period is void.

The trial period is 30 days upon receiving the item.

The invoice of your order is also the warranty certificate of your item. If you want to make use of the warranty, you will need a copy of the invoice. You can find your invoice in 'My account'.

Within the trial period (30 days upon receiving the item) you can return the item without stating the reasons. Outside of the trial period you can discuss with us about returning it, or, for example, when the item has broken during the warranty period.

Please contact the help desk. The help desk will give you the right instructions, so you can return the item.

Within the trial period (30 days upon receiving the item) you can return the item for free, without stating the reasons. does not charge extra when you return an item. Sending the item back to however, is at your own expense. When you have requested a refund, will return the whole amount, so including any paid shipping costs.

Within 30 days the purchase amount will be deposited back into your account.

You can return one or more items. It does not necessarily need to be the whole order.

There are several ways for you to find an item on the website. You can navigate with your device name. You can use this in two ways: by using the 'search bar' and by using 'choose your device'. Next, the website will ask you for the device type, brand and model. If you don't know what this is, you can usually find this information on a sticker on your device. Another way of searching is by using the original item you wish to replace. Each item has one or more codes that are indicated by the manufacturer (visible on the item). You can search for this code, or 'part number', by using the search bar.

You can search for a device (brand and model combination) or by using a part number. A part number is a unique code that is indicated on the item you wish to replace.

When you are trying to log in on My account and you don't know your password any more, you can request a temporary password by using the link listed beneath the log in fields.

When you place an order for the first time, you will receive an automatically generated password through email. advises you to change this password immediately to a password of your choice.

When you fill out all your details during the ordering process, an account will be created for you automatically.

Client information is not shared with third parties. One exception to this is information that is shared with a payment service provider, with the goal of facilitating an online payment. Client information is always sent through a secured SSL connection.

Through customer account you can log in to your own account environment. After logging in, you will immediately see all your orders.

Through customer accountyour client account you can log in to your own account environment. After logging in, you will immediately see all your orders. When you click on the icon under 'Bill', you will open the matching invoice.

When you log in through customer account you can use the 'Change' button to adjust your personal information.

When you log in through customer account you can use the 'Change' button to adjust your password. always handles the provision of information with great care. However, it can happen that you still spot a mistake on the website. likes to improve its service, that is why you can always provide comments or feedback through the contact page.

When you possess a VAT number and order for more than €350, you can order by using the business page. For more information on the advantages of a business account, we refer you to our business page.

There are two ways you can request a business account. If you navigate to the business contact form, you can send in the request. You can also use the email address to request an account. The business account manager will contact you as soon as possible.

All our business clients enjoy excellent and personal service from the business employees. In addition, you will receive quality items for competitive prices.

As business client, you are very important to us. You will enjoy a personal help desk, that will answer your questions swiftly and accurately. Additionally, you will receive a competitive offer for each order, precisely catered to your situation.

When it's your first time contacting BatteryUpgrade business, it is best to use the following email address:

You can send the request for a quote to the email address: The business account manager will present you with a quote as soon as possible.

You can place an order directly on the website: Or you can email your order to The business employees will then place the order for you. offers various payment methods. You can see which options are available for you in the checkout process and on the following page: is part of the BraunOni B.V. company. is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the number 08129450. If you have any questions you didn't find an answer to on this page, you can contact us via the contact page.

Another way of keeping our prices low, is by optimising our business processes. In stead of having staff available 24/7 for answering the phone for our global client base, offers high quality service through our email help desk. This way, can usually answer you within 24 hours. This cuts down on costs, which ensures the price of your items will be lower.

Product information

Throwing away a battery with the regular rubbish is undesired. A battery contains substances that are harmful to the environment. There are many places all over the country you can bring your batteries to, to dispose of them. The battery will then be recycled. sells some original batteries. Most batteries are from a compatible brand.

When you purchase a battery, the manufacturer provides an indication time. However, this is a prognosis based on optimal circumstances. The actual lifespan of the battery depends on the way that the device is used. For instance, if you are using the battery in a laptop or smartphone, the software has a significant influence on the actual lifespan.

The voltage indicates the amount of charge there is on a connection. The voltage of the battery needs to be the same as that of your current battery, or at least have a difference that is less than 0.5V.

mAh is the current intensity, or amperage. The current intensity is indicated in milliAmpere per hour. A battery with a high capacity (mAh) has a longer lifespan. The size of a battery with more mAh can in some cases be bigger, because it stores more energy.

Watt is a measurement unit used to quantify the rate of energy transfer. The power of a device expressed in watts corresponds to the energy required for its operation. You can calculate the wattage by multiplying the mAh with the Voltage.

The capacity of a laptop battery is measured in milliAmpere-hour (mAh). The higher this number, the longer you can use your device before it needs charging again. The mAh does not affect the operation of the battery with your device. More capacity does mean that the battery might physically be bigger.

Batteries largely consist of cells. The separate cells are packed together in a casing. The raw materials used for the electrical charge of a battery can differ by type. The most common types are: Li-ion, Li-po, Ni-MH and Ni-CD batteries. In Li-ion batteries, the cells contain lithium, and in Ni-MH batteries they contain nickel. Every device requires its own type of battery. Ni batteries are mostly used in electrical hand-operated appliances, and Li batteries in laptops and smartphones.

A battery is a product that stores electrical energy as chemical energy, and then releases it as electrical energy again when necessary.

Never throw a used battery in the rubbish bin. Batteries contain various harmful substances, and if you just throw them out these substances will end up in the environment. You can bring your batteries to a battery recycle location.

These are the (common) types of batteries:
1: Alkaline battery: an alkaline battery is not rechargeable. Examples of alkaline batteries are the AA and AAA batteries.
2: Ni-CD battery: are mainly used in power tools such as drills. These batteries suffer from the memory effect, which means that if you don't discharge the battery completely each time, they lose capacity. Under the new EU legislation that came into effect on 01-01-2017, the sale of Ni-CD batteries has been stopped.
3: Ni-MH battery: again, a battery that is mainly used in power tools, but also rechargeable AA and AAA batteries. The Ni-MH battery has a larger capacity than an Ni-CD battery, and can be seen as a replacement for Ni-CD batteries.
4: Li-ion battery: these batteries are mostly used in notebooks, smartphones and cameras. A Li-ion battery retains its capacity better.

A dry cell battery is completely sealed and maintenance-free. Whether you hold the battery straight or upside-down, it will always supply power. A wet cell battery, on the other hand, contains a liquid (electrolyte) that will seep out of it if you don't hold it completely horizontal. It is mostly used for industrial purposes or in vehicles.

Aside from the current (Volt), the internal resistance (Ohm) is important. You can compare the internal resistance of the battery with a tap that water runs through: if the internal resistance (Ohm) is low, it lets through a lot of water (current); if it is high, little water (current) can flow through.

Between the positive and the negative poles of a battery, there is a current (voltage). Since the current between these poles runs through the device, this device must be tuned to a certain voltage, otherwise the device will not work. The common cylindrical and rectangular batteries are 1.5 Volt. Some battery types are a little different. Especially for button cell batteries (for example lithium 3 Volt), the difference in voltage can influence the functioning of the device.

When the positive and negative poles come into contact with each other, short circuit occurs. After that, the battery doesn't work any more. Short circuiting must be avoided, because gases could be released due to the high internal pressure (heat). This can lead to the battery exploding.

1. Always place the battery with its positive and negative poles on the corresponding icons in the device. 2. Never open up batteries. 3. Do not attempt to weld or solder batteries yourself. 4. Never throw batteries into a fire. 5. Never throw batteries into the water. 6. Do not keep batteries in damp/wet spaces, such as the fridge, unless they are packed air-tight.

There are two types of non-rechargeable batteries. Alkaline and Zinc batteries. Alkaline batteries last longer and are better suited for devices that require more power.

Yes, alkaline batteries last longer.

You can recognise battery sizes by their name and code. Most names are universal. Some examples are: (L)R03 AAA: small penlite batteries, (L)R6 AA: penlite batteries, (L)R20 D: large block battery ,(L)R61 E: 9V block battery

No, normally, these batteries cannot be recharged.

Lithium batteries are characterised by a low self-discharge. The voltage is high. Therefore, these batteries are usually used in in applications that require higher voltage, such as microprocessors.

You can compare a rechargeable battery to a car battery. The battery can be recharged up to about a thousand times, when used properly. A rechargeable battery can maintain a current of 1.2 Volt almost until the end of its life. After that, the battery quickly dies.

1. longer lifespan (1000 charging cycles) 2. more environmentally-friendly than regular batteries (less waste)

Yes, usually. Rechargeable batteries have a stable current.

In extreme weather conditions, rechargeable batteries work better than non-rechargeable batteries.

It is best to use a charger that is meant for Ni-MH batteries. These charge the batteries with a high charging current. The often cheaper chargers suitable for Ni-CD batteries make use of a weaker charging current. It is possible that a Ni-MH battery does not get charged fully.

The most common types are: Ni-MH, Li-ion and Ni-CD batteries.

Ni-CD advantages: cheap, can handle extreme conditions well. Average lifespan (about 500 cycles). Disadvantages: they gradually lose their maximum capacity each time they are charged without being completely empty (memory effect). The cadmium component is toxic and is no longer allowed to be applied worldwide. Starting from 2017, Ni-CD batteries are not allowed to be sold any more. Ni-MH advantages: higher capacity than Ni-CD. Are charged faster than Ni-CD. Less toxic components. Disadvantages: average lifespan is shorter (about 400 cycles). Cannot handle extreme temperatures and deep discharge well. Li-ion advantages: high energy density, compact shape, no maintenance required (no memory effect), low self-discharge. Disadvantages: more expensive to produce, cannot handle deep discharge.

The capacity determines how long you can use your drill. However, the capacity is merely an indication. It is therefore unfortunately not possible to calculate the amount of hours you can use it. This depends entirely on the way you use the device.

1. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. Both heat and cold are not conducive to the battery capacity in the long run. 2. Keep the battery contacts clean. If there is more resistance than is desirable, there is less capacity to work with. 3. Use an Ni-CD or Ni-MH battery regularly. Self-discharging will reduce the capacity increasingly. 4. Only use the provided charger for charging the battery, or a charger of which you are certain that it's compatible. 5. Make sure that the battery can't get wet, and never place it in the freezer, oven, or microwave.

Lithium batteries contain relatively much energy, which is stored in a small space. Because devices, such as cameras for instance, have increasingly more functions, more energy is required from the battery.

It's better for the battery if you take it out after use, and store it somewhere on room temperature. Even when the camera isn't used, electrical currents can continue to run, causing self-discharging of the battery. This reduces the lifespan of the battery.

You can do that in two ways on You can search by the brand/model of your camera, or by the unique part number that is printed on the battery sticker.

With the newer types of batteries (Ni-MH and Lithium), it doesn't matter much if you put the phone back or not. However, the older Ni-CD type batteries are susceptible to the memory effect. It is better to not place these phones back in the docking station during the day.

You can find that out in two ways on 1: On your battery, you can find the part number (unique identification number). With this part number, you can search for the right product using the search bar. 2: You can search by the brand/model of your cordless phone in the search bar or through the navigation buttons.

Button cell batteries are often used for appliances such as watches or hearing aids.

The following types of button cell batteries are available: Silver oxide - used mainly in watches and cameras. Suitable for high, constant voltage. Alkaline - mainly used in electrical appliances. Suitable for high currents. Lithium - mainly used in cameras. Suitable for low load. Zinc-air batteries - used in hearing aids. No high loads

The negative pole is on the top side. The positive pole is on the wider bottom side. The side with the positive pole usually indicates the brand and type.

Air activates the battery, so to speak. When the sticker is removed, air can flow into the battery through tiny holes, which activates the battery.

The easiest way to find this out, is to search by the information that you find on the original battery, in the search bar on our website. Every battery has a unique part number that can easily be found in our database.

A button cell battery is a round battery with a diameter that is larger than its height. It kind of looks like a button, hence the name.

Take the laptop off the adapter. Next, take out the battery by opening the sliding locks (this doesn't apply to any internal batteries). You can now take the battery out of the laptop. You can place the replacement battery with the same method.

The voltage may deviate no more than about 0.5V. A difference of more than 0.5V can cause recognition issues, or even damage your device.

The capacity of a laptop battery is measured in milliAmpere-hour (mAh). The higher this number, the longer you can work on your laptop before it needs charging again. The mAh does not affect the way the battery works with your laptop. However, more capacity does mean that the battery will physically be bigger. So a battery with a higher capacity could stick out a little bit.

If your laptop is no longer charging, but works normally, it's usually a problem with the laptop battery. Check first if the adapter is correctly connected to the laptop and plugged into the power outlet. You can usually tell by the indication light. If a charging icon doesn't appear, that probably means that the laptop adapter or the charging port on the laptop are defective. If a charging icon does appear, that probably means that the battery doesn't work any more.

All our products meet all the right quality requirements. The products are manufactured with the utmost care. All products comply with the strict ISO9001, UL and CE requirements. In addition, all products comply with the RoHS environmental directive that has been in place since July 2006.

This is probably because you purchased a battery with a higher capacity (mAh). This means that the battery will last longer than a regular battery. More capacity generally means that more cells are used in a battery, making it physically larger in size. This can do no harm, the functionality of the battery remains the same.

The compatible batteries are not made by the original manufacturer and are therefore often cheaper. You can use a compatible battery without any problems. There is no difference in important factors, such as voltage and the connector.

BraunOni has been working with the same supplier for battery products for the past 13 years. The products are tested extensively and have all the necessary quality documents. Our products are manufactured with the highest possible care. All products comply with the strict ISO9001, UL and CE requirements. In addition, all our products comply with the RoHS environmental directive that has been in place since July 2006.

You can test this by turning on the laptop without the battery, but with the adapter. If the laptop starts up properly, the issue will probably be with the battery.

Laptop batteries can have many different part numbers. To keep all the information understandable, the most commonly used part number is indicated. It is therefore possible that this number is different from yours. It is no issue however, the battery will fit and work with your system.

Manufacturers often produce batteries for multiple laptop models. Each combination receives its own battery part number. As a result, it is possible that a battery has multiple part numbers.

A Li-ion or Li-Po battery does not require a start-up procedure. So the battery doesn't need to be charged and discharged for the best result.

It is wise to charge the battery for about 50%. Next, it is best to remove the battery and store it somewhere dry and on room temperature.

A battery will always get warmer when it's being used or charged. However, if a battery becomes unpleasantly hot, this indicates a battery problem and it is advisable not to use the battery again.

The only batteries that still contain heavy metals are the Ni-CD and Lead batteries. For that reason, the Ni-CD batteries may not be sold any more from 01-01-2017. The alternatives like the Ni-MH and Lithium batteries are also not very healthy for the environment, but they are less harmful.

Individuals, stores and companies can return used batteries to municipal collection points, or to battery collection points in stores for instance.

Most batteries are recycled.

The voltage specifications must match those of your old adapter (a small margin of 0.4V is allowed). The maximum current (MilliAmpere) may deviate positively. However, an adapter that provides too little capacity to a laptop can be dangerous. It will have to 'perform' harder and will overheat because of it.

You can find that out in two ways on 1: On your adapter, you can find a part number (unique identification number). With this part number, you can search for the right product using the search bar. 2: You can search by the brand/model of your laptop in the search bar or through the navigation buttons to find the right product.

It is normal for adapters to warm up. However, too hot is not good of course. It is therefore wise to keep the adapter out of the full sun.

It is very likely that the adapter port of your laptop is broken. This part is called the DC jack. The DC jack ensures that the electricity actually goes into your laptop.

Yes, that is possible. The most important thing about a replacement adapter is that its specifications correspond to the original adapter.

Yes, you can.

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Fab web-site. Informative, along with a brilliant selection of products. Delivery takes a week to arrive in England, but is well worth the wait. The quality of the batteries is better than shop bought ones. Wish I had found this site earlier.
About the product:
I bought a new battery for my camera, and for an old mobile, ( 19 years old ). I also bought a tool kit for opening phones and cameras, which is proving to be extremely useful. I am now going through old phones to see about resurrecting them by buying the relevant batteries, chargers, etc, in order to save money. There is also a web-site, battery university, which explains the mAh, i.e. the capacity of a battery. For anyone starting out on learning about batteries, power and electronics, in order to buy replacements, this is a most helpful site.
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