What do these symbols mean?

Suitable for

'Suitable for' indicates for which type of device the portrayed battery is appropriate
Sometimes not a single device, but rather a series is indicates. E.g. The 'iPAQ h3700 series' battery, is also suitable for the 'iPAQ h3715' pda.

Compatible with

'Compatible with' indicates for which part number the portrayed battery is appropriate. Many manufacturers use their own part numbers for batteries or the device itself.
All batteries sold by BatteryUpgrade.com are replacement batteries. We offer similar or higher capacity and quality batteries at a much lower price than original batteries from the device manufacturer.
Note: part numbers may slightly vary, although they are still compatible with the product. If the 'suitable for' indication matches your device, and the 'compatible with' does not, in most cases it will work without any problem. If you have any doubts, you can always contact us.

Capacity: mAh: indicates the mAh for the displayed battery

mAh stands for milliampere-hour, and indicates the capacity of a battery. The more mAh, the higher the capacity of the battery is and the longer your device can operate.

Voltage: indicates the voltage for the displayed battery

Please note that this is the usage voltage; the charging voltage from your charge adapter may differ from this number. The voltage of the original battery is always indicated on the battery label. A slight difference in voltage is not a problem, e.g. an original battery of 3.6V can perfectly be replaced by a 3.7V replacement battery.

Type: indicates the cell type for the displayed battery

The type defines what kinds of cells are used in the battery. The most common types are lithium-ion (Li-ion), lithium polymer (Li-pl), Nickel Metal Hydrate (Ni-MH) or Nickel Cadmium (Ni-CD).

Free tools included this icon is displayed if necessary tools are included

BatteryUpgrade.com makes sure that you will always receive the proper tools for your device, without extra costs.

High capacity indicates if the displayed battery has a high capacity

If a battery has a higher capacity than the original one, this is considered to be 'high'.

Free cover included indicates if a free cover is included

Read more on covers in 'Battery fitting'

Please note: A free cable is provided with this battery. indicates that a free cable is included

A cable is used to power your device. This means that your device uses the battery as an external power source. This may affect the device's internal power status indicator.

Please note: Comes with free charging station! indicates that a free charger station is included

An external power charger station is used to charge your battery. This may affect the device's internal power status indicator.

Dimensions: indicates the measurements of the displayed battery

Color: indicates the color of the displayed battery

indicates the warranty status of the displayed battery

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